Support system

If your query is too specific for the forum, Pro Gamma also offers a range of support and consulting services. Since we want to be constantly improving the platform, each support interaction is voted for and receives feedback. The average user rating in the last 3 months is 4.4 out of 5.

  • One-on-one best practice support: You can make an appointment with a technician for an online work session to check through the code together
  • Consulting: Get architectural advice or a comprehensive solution to an issue of particular technical complexity
  • Customization and Integration: Help with customizing the framework of Instant Developer and integrating with third-party services or libraries
  • Error reporting: If you believe you have identified a problem with Instant Developer or its framework, you can report the issue and get free tips on how to resolve it
  • Fast track (Premium Support): When your needs are urgent, your requests will be served first

Thanks for the excellent support. Even one on one when needed, couldn't ask for any more than that. Great product.

Bill Walker, Pro Gamma Forum

4.4 / 5

Average user rating