Staying ahead of technology is important for any business, but it can be expensive.
And what if you don’t make the right choices?
Right now innovation is all about mobile, and while we expect that trend to last, what comes next?
New platforms, wearables, connected devices, the Internet of Things.
How do you prepare for all of that?
Instant Developer has already been ahead of the game for 15 years, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

For now, here is the short-term development path for the platform.

Integration of Bootstrap

We want to give you greater flexibility so you can capitalize even further on the advantages of the development speed. With the integration of the Bootstrap module into the IDE, you'll be able to more easily generate modern, responsive applications that will adapt to any situation, and your clients will be increasingly satisfied.

Updates for mobile and browsers

The evolution of Instant Developer has one constant: it assures you that your software will always be supported by the most recent versions of browsers and mobile operating systems. For us, this result is a commitment, and for you, it's easy to achieve: all you need to do is recompile using the most recent version of Instant Developer.

You choose the improvements and innovations

Did you know that you can help decide how Instant Developer will evolve? If you've got an idea, you can share it with us and the Community in the Improvement Suggestions section of our Forum.

The future

We already have quite a few objectives, but technologies need to mature and we have to wait for the best time to reap the benefits.Many of the developments are already in the prototype phase, and we can't wait to move into active development.

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