Mobile app development is usually a nightmare and one of the hardest parts of it is avoiding making costly wrong decisions and developing mobile apps for a specific native platform can be a tie when you want to port, requiring expense, resource and new skillsets. 

Some things cannot be done in a Web browser. For example you cannot work with other apps, and it is not possible to store and fetch files from each and every location you would like to save or retrieve them. Also you cannot control directly device hardware. On the other hand, all of the above is possibile with a custom and specialized app.

Mobile app development with Instant Developer is implemented through a hybrid-like approach giving you the performance of native mobile applications:

  • Developing mobile apps that are multi-device, publishable to mobile app stores and work offline, not web apps with a mobile look & feel. 
  • Automatically synchronize between mobile devices and any kind of backend systems
  • Develop mobile hybrid applications that access the native features of devices
  • Responsive design to suit any screen size
  • With one click, create three packages for iOS, Android and Windows
  • Instant Developer uses a very high performing extensible hybrid architecture. The mobile app development framework mimics the behavior of native business apps, both in terms of performance and in terms of graphics and behaviors
  • Develop and deploy mobile apps for iOS and Android and web solutions, providing your customers the same user experience as native applications, both on the web and on devices, in terms of speed, performance, style, behavior, and offline functioning, without compromise. Offer much more without losing opportunities in a market that is becoming increasingly demanding.

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A hybrid-like approach with out-of-the box synchronization giving you the native-like performance your customers want.

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