TruckOne develops the first ERP logistics system to integrate SAP Business One

TruckOne is an international company, with an office in Switzerland serving the EMEA market and one in New York serving the American market. A leader in logistics IT solutions, TruckOne currently has more than 500 customers that use its TruckOne WEB service.

An average 15% reduction in margins seen in the transportation sector in recent years has led TruckOne's main customers, including Tramo Group, to innovate their IT infrastructures, requiring a cutting-edge product to optimize transportation management.

Client truckone monitor
If we had not been proactive, we might have potentially lost some of our customers. That's why we turned to Tramo Group, one of our main customers, and suggested collaborating to co-innovate our product, allowing us to respond to the new demands of the logistics market.

Gianni Maspero
CEO, TruckOne

TruckOne and Tramo worked together to formulate a list of critical aspects to create a new solution that no one else offers:

  • A logistics application that is fully integrable with various types of ERP systems, including the most complex ones like SAP.
  • The ability to manage and view goods stored in warehouses scattered around the world, in real time and in a centralized manner.
  • The ability to access the inventory from any computer connected to the Internet, without the need for a VPN or similar systems.
  • A logistics application that can adapt to any type of customer database.

If TruckOne had not renewed its offering, some of its customers would probably have sought other more economical solutions in an attempt to maximize profit margins.

Given the situation, TruckOne had to find a development system as soon as possible that was easy to learn and could be used to accelerate development times to the maximum. After a long search, the company determined that Instant Developer was the only system that would allow porting and subsequent upgrading of the initial software (consisting of over 14,000 lines of code) in a cost-effective way.

We couldn't believe our eyes, but with Instant Developer, conversion of the project progressed significantly day after day, and in just a few months of work the first version of TruckOne WEB saw the light of day. We were concerned that a high-productivity environment like Instant Developer would require very long learning times, but we were amazed to discover how truly intuitive model-driven programming is, and in less than a month it was already functional.

Cristina Diserò
CTO, TruckOne

In just a few months of work, TruckOne delivered Tramo an initial version of the system, which featured:

  • Geolocation of goods, even after leaving the warehouse.
  • Management of processing and shipping of goods in inventory, through mobile radio terminals.

Thanks to TruckOne, in just a few months Tramo has moved more than 45,000 parcels, with an average 80 users logging in daily all over Europe. Also, with great satisfaction, Tramo Group has reduced its logistics costs by more than 10%, maintaining healthy profit margins despite the crisis in the sector.

TruckOne is a lean company adept at finding simple but cutting-edge solutions, always ensuring high quality of products at the right price. They've done a great job!

Stefano Moretti
President, Tramo Group