Gemoro optimizes its sales force productivity by 40% thanks to Aurum PocketOffice

Systech has specialized in the design and development of customized software and hardware solutions for over 20 years. Since the beginning, one of the verticals on which Systech has focused its talents is the field of jewelry, for which it developed an innovative mobile suite in 2014 called Aurum PocketOffice.

The suite was created in response to a request from Gemoro, a well-established jewelry distribution company in Turin. With a network of agents and representatives across Italy, Gemoro has always been on the lookout for new technologies in the field of Sales Force Automation, which it views as a source of opportunity to make itself increasingly competitive.

Client ssc systech

As part of a relationship stretching back more than a decade, in 2014 Systech had a proposal for Gemoro: to shift its agents to a smartphone and tablet application that could handle all the special processes and information that are specific to distribution on the jewelry market. In particular, Gemoro needed to:

  • Create a product catalog that could be accessed digitally, to make it easier to create sets of jewelry and overcome the limitations typical of printed catalogs.
  • Provide better support to its sales force, reducing the time that agents must dedicate to managing customers and orders, thereby increasing the sales capacity of their network.
  • Arm its agents with a working tool that can highlight the cutting-edge technology that Gemoro has to offer compared to its competitors.
  • Monitor submitted orders in real time, in order to prepare and ship a recently received order a few days more quickly.

The main design risk that faced Gemoro and Systech involved the need for an application that was as simple and intuitive as possible, in order to minimize the risk that agents less accustomed to using new technologies might reject the software.

In developing the app, Systech chose Instant Developer, a highly productive development environment that offers swift prototyping techniques that allowed Systech to optimize the application interfaces through short but frequent app revision cycles with the client, clearing up the most significant critical elements of the project.

The great thing is that not just the prototype but the application itself is developed extremely quickly. After a normal learning phase at the beginning, we slashed our development times by more than 50%. But most importantly, we're pleased that we can create products that work perfectly on iOS, Android, and Windows from the same codebase.

Antonio Catapano
CEO, Systech

Aurum PocketOffice was developed in 3 man months, and its ease of use delivered exceptional results for Gemoro immediately: a 40% increase in productivity for each agent in managing their customer portfolio and an average reduction of 2 days in the time it takes to ship orders of items in-stock in the warehouse, as well as additional advantages linked to improved supervision of all sales activities.

Today, PocketOffice is also available for other verticalizations, including distribution of stationery, office supplies, and home accessories, and managing industrial laundries, etc. In particular, PocketOffice now offers:

  • Customer management (database information and sales records)
  • Reliability monitoring and management of open entries (bookkeeping status, proceeds, receipts)
  • Orders collection (price lists and collecting and printing of orders)
  • Records management
  • Visit recording and sales data analysis
The market feedback regarding governance of the sales process and simplification of daily tasks confirms that with Aurum PocketOffice we've succeeded not only in conquering the important challenge of aligning ourselves to the times and the evolution of technology, but also in growing our company image in our daily relationships with the clientele.

Luca Baudino
CEO, Gemoro