Soft System develops Maia, the web software that's a maintenance manager's ally

Soft System is a company that has stood out on the market for 25 years by offering successful management solutions for small and medium businesses. Today it boasts over 500 satisfied customers across Italy, and approximately 3,000 work stations. Maia is the latest creation from Soft System, and it offers a very specific answer to the need to design, organize, and manage the maintenance of systems and equipment.

The presence of increasingly modern technologies and increasingly effective maintenance systems are the top reasons that inspired Soft System to develop Maia, the new software for handling the entire maintenance cycle for company systems.

Client softsystemmaia

The top unfulfilled requirements that many of Soft System's clients who are systems managers were looking for, and which led to the creation of Maia, were:

  • A simple, unified approach to systems management that would make it possible to oversee all maintenance activities on the systems from system boards, starting with automatic fault detection directly from the machine through to management of resources involved in maintenance, including machine fault reporting to external maintenance companies, and even financial reporting on fault resolution for future economic analysis.
  • Web systems management, meaning a system that it is accessible everywhere, even from home for emergencies, without the need for external VPNs.
  • A system that would allow not only for management of maintenance resulting from breakdowns, but also planning of preventive maintenance for strategic systems.

To respond to these new needs, minimizing costs and development times, Soft System turned to Instant Developer, which allowed it to create a secure web application extremely quickly, with a 100% RIA interface that can stand proudly alongside the many Client-Server applications on the software market.

Maia is a tool that can make a significant contribution to the competitiveness and success of company performance. All of its features are conceived to be intuitive and easy to understand, precisely in order to allow a single tool to control all technical data in whatever form it may take. Maia is a real ally of the company maintenance department, because it makes it possible to improve diagnostic work and help requests, maintaining quality, safety, and productivity.

Mario Muzzin
President, Soft System

Developed in just 130 man days, Maia is now installed at leading Soft System customers. While customers say that it's still too early to talk about the economic results of using the tool, top management and key users of the application report that they are satisfied with how the tool works.