Toscano Gaetano S.a.s. achieves a 15% increase in the number of average monthly orders managed by agents, providing them with mobile devices to take orders with a digital signature

Ser.Man. is a company that since 1994 has focused on developing enterprise management software for small, medium, and large companies. It represents the point of contact between technology and the needs of the customer. For this reason, the services it offers are designed and structured together with customers in order to satisfy all their needs and make them an integral part of projects.

At the request of Toscano Gaetano S.a.s.,a company that for over 50 years has provided printing and distribution of publications to newsstands and similar businesses, Ser.Man. developed a B2B e-commerce system to provide sales agents a tool that facilitates order-taking at the various customer locations, but most importantly allows orders to be submitted to the company in real time, resulting in shorter delivery times. 

Client serman monitor tablet

The customer's requirements were the following:

  • The ability to reduce the time it takes to update agents and catalogs, in case new products are added or prices change.
  • Increased competitive advantage with respect to other providers, cutting current delivery by one day and allowing real-time submission of orders.
  • Leverage the relationship between agents and customers to facilitate the collection of receivables, primarily by allowing agents to track the status of payments in the customer's file.

To meet the requirements of Toscano Gaetano S.a.s., Ser.Man. created a mobile solution without which agents would not have been able to address the needs of customers.

Instant Developer was exactly the IDE we needed to deliver a project like this, because it not only allowed us to develop both a mobile app and a desktop app with just a few lines of code, but most importantly because InDe truly integrates with all database types and existing enterprise management tools...which is remarkable. Without InDe it would have been too burdensome to integrate payment verification on tablets.

Tommaso Cardullo
Project Manager, Ser.Man.

The B2B e-commerce system, developed by Ser.Man. in less than two man-months of work, currently has the following features:

  • It allows collection of orders authenticated by a digital signature, completely eliminating all paper transactions.
  • The application installed on tablets not only has an order-taking and catalog section, but it also integrates the customer contact list.
  • The B2B solution has a mobile application that functions both online and offline, allowing agents to work normally even when they are in areas without an Internet connection.

Just a few weeks after installing the new system, Toscano Gaetano S.a.s. has expressed its satisfaction, as the new B2B e-commerce system has significantly reduced the administrative load for sales, which no longer involves manual entry of orders. Although the data is still preliminary, the initial analysis by Toscano Gaetano S.a.s. has revealed a 90% reduction in errors versus paper-based order management and a 15% reduction in the workload of agents, who no longer have to submit orders “by hand” to the home office.