Thanks to ASG Assistenza, S@tech achieves a 21% increase in the number of support requests handled by its operators, also allowing end customers to view the progress of support requests in real time

Ser.Man. is a software company that since 1994 has offered a complete range of customized services to Italian SMEs: from IT consulting to software development, including post-production training of end users.

It was the level of satisfaction experienced by Ser.Man. customers that led S@tech, a company specializing in systems support, to turn to Ser.Man. for consulting on how to improve management of its own customer support services.

Client serman monitor tablet

A careful analysis revealed several problems with the current support management system:

  • Little opportunity for end users to request support independently and to automatically define the priority of problems to be resolved.
  • Significant wasted time due to a still paper-based management of support requests and their scheduling with systems analysts.
  • Inability for end customers to independently check the progress of their requests, an issue that at times led to misunderstandings with customers.

To meet these requirements, a mobile solution was needed that would allow systems analysts to update the progress of support requests in real time. At the same time, a desktop application was also needed to organize and monitor the work done by the various technicians.

The technical skills demanded by the project were truly extensive, and to deliver the best solution to the customer, we potentially would have needed many people specialized in client-server and mobile architectures. However, Instant Developer allowed us to use the same IDE to develop both a Rich Internet Application as well as several useful mobile applications that can even work without an Internet connection, without having to write a single line of code in native language.

Tommaso Cardullo
Project Manager, Ser.Man.

ASG Assistenza, developed by Ser.Man. in less than two man-months of work, currently has the following features:

  • It allows S@tech's customers to track the status of their support requests and to enter new ones, including via apps for both iOS and Android.
  • The desktop application allows collection and assignment of all new requests to the various systems analysts. It also allows tracking the progress of support requests with the highest level of available granularity.
  • It includes a mobile application (both online and offline) that employees can use when working at the customer's location to record the work performed, specify the time and hours worked, and have the original requester sign the service report.
  • It allows calculation of various statistics related to sessions and downloading a list of sessions to Excel to perform a more detailed analysis.

ASG Assistenza has provided significant benefits to S@tech, including a 21% increase in the support requests handled by each employee, not to mention an 80% decrease in calls received by the call center, as well as increased satisfaction by end customers, who are now always aware of the current status of their requests.