Partner Solution helps LP Tour launch the first Italian web portal specializing in accessible travel, completely self-directed by users

LP Tour is one of the main Italian companies in the accessible travel sector, where it has operated for more than 20 years. In collaboration with Guida Viaggi and other well-known partners, LP Tour called on Partner Solution to create an online platform for researching hotels that are accessible for people with disabilities looking for a place to stay.

The lack of a platform of this kind on the market and the inadequacy of LP Tour's previous “paper-based” system were the main reasons that it turned to Partner Solution to create a truly useful online platform, ultimately called Easy Hotel Planet. To create a functional platform, it was necessary to not only develop a well-structured IT system, but most importantly to design a system of incentives to attract users and encourage hotel facilities to register and be accredited by the new platform.

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The functional needs for the platform that Partner Solution had to address were the following:

  • Allow disabled individuals themselves to evaluate and review the facilities waiting to be accredited, in a simple, complete, and standardized way.
  • Make accreditation relatively simple and have as many hotel facilities as possible submit to the process.
  • Allow facilities to be reviewed by verifying users (disabled individuals) directly on site, and therefore in some cases without an Internet connection.
  • Create a search engine for navigating between accredited facilities based on various search criteria.

A portal that was inconvenient to use, even only in part, would have negated the entire value of the platform, and the investment by LP Tour and its partners would have failed to provide the expected returns. Fortunately, with this significant risk of customer dissatisfaction, Partner Solution was able to rely not only on its IT expertise, but also its specific experience building travel-related platforms.

Given the characteristics of the project, with the need for 360-degree development, Instant Developer was chosen as the best solution, as it allows, with the same IDE, development of web and mobile applications, managing databases in the Cloud, and creating attractive user interfaces, without having to use a variety of expensive development environments, each one focused on a different aspect.

The portal, created in four man-months, today consists of three different parts that communicate with one another, all created with Instant Developer:

  • A web site, the main point of access to search for accredited facilities
  • Web access to the back office for managing content
  • A mobile app for iOS and Android systems, capable of recording information on site with synchronization from/to the central server.

Since introduction of the new portal, the results have been remarkable: thanks to the new evaluation system, in just a few weeks the number of facilities went from around 20 to over 80, located throughout the world. Through the “self-verification” function, a large number of facilities have requested registration. In addition to the number of facilities evaluated, there has also been a large increase in the quality of information available for customers with disabilities. This has improved customer satisfaction, resulting in an increase in daily visits to the site.

By using these applications, we have significantly improved and sped up our work. Today we are, in fact, much more productive than in the past. The data collected during the verification stage is transferred and managed directly in the central database, including photos, allowing us to place the various profiles online almost in real time. For us it was a giant leap forward.

Luigi Passetto
Owner, LP Tour