Ottima creates a system that helps area managers and contract coordinators at a large cooperative handle scheduling of personnel

Ottima is a software company specializing in IT consulting for companies, professional firms, and cooperatives. Since 1997, it has adopted an innovative consulting approach, aimed at meeting the needs of customers in various fields, including management control, personnel management, administration and accounting, privacy, and anti-money laundering.

Recently, a large social cooperative offering healthcare and assistance services, with more than 1000 active members and four area managers overseeing the work of 35 contract coordinators, turned to Ottima to optimize its personnel scheduling system.

Client ottima

In particular, the client had the following needs:

  • The ability to streamline the administrative load of the central office, which every month receives spreadsheets from 35 satellite locations recording the work hours of each employee, data that had to be entered into the central payroll management system.
  • A reduction in the number of allocation errors by administrative staff, standardizing the method of completing the scheduling summary for the previous month.
  • The ability to more accurately allocate the necessary resources to the respective revenue and cost centers, in order to improve the profitability analysis during tenders.

What was needed was an ad-hoc IT solution, fully integrated with existing management systems, capable of adapting as much as possible to the operational method of the satellite offices and the organization, a challenge that was anything but simple for Ottima to resolve.

Instant Developer allowed us to develop this excellent module, which today we sell under the name Pianificazione Turni BJB . One of the benefits of InDe is that with one click you can adapt your project to more than 20 different types of databases, allowing the application to be used in a variety of contexts. And the low cost of customization is one of the main reasons our tools are as popular as they are today. Not to mention the fact that in just a few weeks we developed an app to coordinate scheduling even from mobile devices, for both Android and iOS!

Roberto Viaggi, PM for BJB and Ottima

In a few weeks of work, during which the majority of time was devoted to analyzing the customer's operations, we implemented the solution and configured the key users.Pianificazione Turni BJB currently has the following features:

  • Allows real-time summarizing of resources, and monitoring the evolution of costs during the month.
  • Makes it possible to coordinate scheduling, including via tablet devices.
  • Facilitates entry of new scheduling requirements directly from the requester, with the ability to specify the number of workers required, the type of job, and the shift.

Just a few months after the new system was deployed, the cooperative has seen significant improvements, including a 70% reduction in administrative load, which previously involved “manual” summarizing by administrative staff, now performed automatically. Also, the customer is now more aware of its cost structure, and has thus been able to increase its number of awarded contracts by 20%, offering performance at lower prices than competing companies while still maintaining good levels of profitability.

The people behind Instant Developer truly understand where the software market is headed in the future: all enterprise software will be web-based, which this case demonstrates. In fact, it would have been unthinkable to have a single solution capable of managing different sources of data from dozens of separate PCs, some of which belong to customers and not our coordinators.

Roberto Viaggi, PM for BJB and Ottima