NSI revolutionizes occupational medicine at Centro Diagnostico Italiano, unifying all work stages through a complete software application

NSI Nier Soluzioni Informatiche is a company dedicated to providing software and infrastructure solutions, operating since 2002 throughout Italy. From the beginning it has worked with various occupational and preventive medicine centers. And it was for one of these facilities, called Centro Diagnostico Italiano (CDI), that in 2011 NSI started designing and creating CDIMED, an IT system for complete management of occupational medicine services.

According to Alessandra Cerioni, PM at NSI, “the project consisted of more than simply creating a new system; it involved reorganizing all phases of delivering services to the customer, from preparation of offers (CRM) to booking of visits, from reception to logistic management of patients inside the building, from monitoring of costs to billing.”

The project, one of the most complex that NSI has managed in terms of size, was created using Instant Developer, a high-productivity development environment designed to create both web and mobile enterprise applications. CDIMED has immediately provided significant benefits, including integration of all CDI's service delivery phases and automatic management of the flow of occupational medicine patients inside the building.

A unified system for occupational medicine

CDI previously used manual bookings and planned visits with Excel spreadsheets, which were sent daily to reception and to doctors. The low degree of automation with this method, based on sharing of documents, made it difficult for the center's management to monitor processes and make decisions aimed at continuous improvement of services offered.

To respond to the needs of the customer, a new centralized system was needed that would be capable of controlling all service delivery phases conducted both inside and outside CDI.

Alessandra continues, “for a system of this type, we had to create an infrastructure that would allow access to the system, including by doctors conducting visits at customer locations. Also, to guide patients arriving at the center to the correct clinical area with minimal wait times, the IT system had to be integrated with external screens located at various points around the center, from which patients could easily see where they need to go. The new software would also need a somewhat complex management of user roles, with different levels of access to sensitive data by staff, as appropriate. The project was anything but simple.”

An IDE designed for enterprise-class applications

The need to develop an extremely complex web application from scratch in just a short time significantly narrowed down the possible choices when it came to which development environment to use. Moreover, the need for the web interface to also work in offline mode, synchronizing data only when connected to the Internet, further restricted the number of suitable development environments.

Having already used Instant Developer for other similar projects, NSI decided to use it in this case as well. As Stefano Borghi, CTO at NSI, explains, “for this type of project, Instant Developer is unbeatable. The IDE maximizes the speed of creating secure and scalable back-end structures and interfaces for managing data. InDe is very powerful when we need to create systems that manage complex user profiling, as in this case.”

Development has never been so fast and flexible

NSI had complete freedom regarding the design of the application, so it was crucial that the customer be shown a prototype for each new module, to allow creation of new modules based on the others already approved. Thanks to Instant Developer, NSI's consultants were able to prepare the prototype for a module in less than one week of work, subsequently modifying it the same day according to the feedback received.

According to Graziano Felline, Developer at NSI, “Instant Developer really shows its worth during the prototyping phase, thanks to its RIA Framework. When working on projects of this size, it's critical to speed up prototyping, because when customers see such rapid progress, they have more confidence in you. I haven't calculated the speed of Instant Developer compared with traditional tools, but I would estimate that with InDe you can create a prototype in 1/10 the time.”

Effective application governance to reduce costs

The project, which lasted just over one year with many people involved, was developed by up to six people working simultaneously at any given time, making full use of Instant Developer's set of group collaboration features, called TeamWorks.

Manuel Tarud, InDe specialist at NSI, comments, “without TeamWorks, it would have been impossible to manage an Instant Developer project like this with multiple programmers involved. During the most intensive stages, there were six of us working on the project. Thanks to the model-driven programming technique and the mapping of all code dependencies in the InDe editor, reading code written by other developers is really easy.”

Instant Developer also took care of correctly displaying CDIMED on any type of browser, which is usually a costly thorn in the side of software companies that develop web applications. Manuel adds, “Instant Developer eliminates the main problem with web applications, which is the continuous updating of JavaScript code that has to be done each time a new version of a browser is released. That's why maintenance costs of applications made with Instant Developer are lower.”

Results as expected

Although the new system required a set-up time of several months so all users could be trained on its correct use, CDIMED showed immediate benefits. In addition to reducing printed paper, the average patient wait time was reduced and the number of daily visits to the center were increased.

According to a PM at CDI, “the companies we serve are much happier, because their employees spend less time at the center. Also, the board of directors can now make more knowledgeable choices about organization of the occupational medicine department, with access to an informational overview.”

A solid partnership

During the project, NSI benefited from the user support services offered by Pro Gamma, designed to promote the skills of Instant Developer users based on specific problems encountered while programming.

Domenico Giacobbe, Developer at NSI, comments, “the user support is a really valuable service, especially to learn how to use these new development tools correctly. When we needed to learn something that we had never done before, or to seek advice, we accessed the Pro Gamma portal and booked the first slot of free time. We always received a quick response.”

Stefano Borghi, CTO at NSI, adds, “we really like how effectively Pro Gamma manages its support services and have decided to use this as a model for how we manage support requests from our customers. The service is well worth the price considering its usefulness.”

Graziano Felline, Developer, NSI

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CDIMED, an occupational medicine management system

Sector: Healthcare
Customer benefits: Reduced average patient wait times, increased number of visits, reduced paper consumption, greater control over processes.
Development time: 1.5 years, 4-6 full-time employees
Technology: 100% Instant Developer
Web application: Java
Database: Oracle 11g
Integration with other systems: MedTrak hospital IT system