Medwork Suite significantly speeds up management of services related to occupational medicine for clinics, businesses, and physicians

NSI Nier Soluzioni Informatiche is a company specialized in providing software and infrastructure solutions, active since 2002. Since its inception it has collaborated with various nationally recognized clinics, such as the San Raffaele group and the Centro Diagnostico Italiano, and over the years it has gained significant expertise in health care, particularly in the field of occupational medicine.

To support health care facilities, businesses, and physicians with managing health surveillance, workplace health and safety,in addition to training for companies and public and private clinics, the company created Medwork Suite, the only complete vertical ERP system for occupational medicine management. The Bellegotti group, a clinic that employs over 100 professionals and specialists in preventive medicine, was one of the first customers to purchase the Suite.

Client nsi monitor

Given NSI's track record in projects of considerable complexity in the health care sector, the Bellegotti group contacted the company to ask if the Medwork Suite Clinic module, developed to order for clinics, could respond to the needs of the organization. There were basically three requirements:

  • The ability to install a single system capable of managing all the needs and resources related to occupational medicine: assignment of the occupational health physician, drafting of the health protocol, suitability visits specific to periodic tasks, visits for foreign travel, scheduling of examinations indicated in health plan, and certifications.
  • Provide more fluid and efficient management of times and resources available at the facility, eliminating queues for patients and streamlining procedures for visits by staff, as well as complying with new laws regarding the digitization of documents.
  • Enable client companies to independently schedule visits for their employees through role-based access to a dedicated area.

To achieve this, an information system was needed that was capable of managing and standardizing communication with client companies, administration of the clinic, and the physicians responsible for all the types of services offered by the clinic.

When we started to develop Medwork, we realized that managing the entire occupational medicine cycle with a single system posed a new challenge: privacy and the processing of personal data. The need to create a system accessible by different types of users forced us to develop a framework of roles that would reduce access to sensitive information to the minimum level necessary for each type of user. With Instant Developer, we were able to address this complexity in just a few days thanks to its powerful RTC engine, which allows dynamic configuration of pages and data synchronization according to each user role.

Marco Scaioli
Project Manager for Medwork

Medwork Suite is not only a viable solution for the clinic, but also contemplates use by companies and occupational health physicians. Also in this case, observation and systematic analysis of existing procedures revealed the need to:

Ensure combined planning and management of activities in an intuitive and user-friendly environment, through software that does not require client installation but is cloud-based (SaaS), compatible with all major Internet browsers.

  • Optimize processes and times for managing scheduling, timeframes (to be shared with the client) and available resources (coordinating physicians, health professionals, and clerical staff); plan suitability reassessments.
  • For physicians: work in a highly digitized environment (from management of the medical record with digital signature to production of all necessary documentation, completely eliminating paper records); perform all tasks, including offline, with access to records for all clients and patients; manage their own agenda.
  • For manufacturing companies (with more than 500 employees): independently manage in a centralized manner the cycle of visits for their employees and control the evolution of workplace safety training; manage data complexity from multi-site companies, whose employees performs multiple tasks and are subject to associated risks; effectively plan visits and flexibly direct the health protocol; keep costs under control.

The solution was therefore able to meet the needs of not only the Bellegotti group , but also other users.

Today Medwork Suite, with its three modules (Professional, Clinic, and Enterprise) coordinates and manages 10,000 companies, 100,000 employees and 700,000 certifications, visits and assessments of suitability per year. Thanks to Medwork, NSI's customers have reduced administration costs by more than 30%, with a 40% increase in the speed of procedures related to scheduling and timeframes. Finally, beyond the cost savings, Medwork has been favorably received by users of the software, who benefit from the usability of the interface and commands, allowing them to complete tasks in a simple, intuitive, and rapid manner.