MiniConf increases its revenue thanks to an e-commerce portal for B2B purchases developed by InitZero

MiniConf is a leading Italian company in clothing for children from 0 to 16 years. In the market since 1973, the company currently enjoys a turnover greater than 75 million euro. MiniConf, which owns three brands, focuses its main business on selling its garments to children's clothing retailers, rather than through direct sales with its own chain or through a B2C internet portal.

MiniConf asked InitZero to create a new online B2B portal to replace its previous one and to significantly increase visits to the site.

Client initzero tablet

  In particular, by remaking the portal, MiniConf aimed to:

  • Make navigating on the portal more pleasant in order to increase the time spent by customers on the website.
  • Increase the volume of customer orders via the portal by offering products related to those present in the shopping cart.
  • Create a single multi-language portal capable of managing orders from customers worldwide.
  • Allow creation of orders and browsing of catalogs, including with a specific app for tablet devices.
When MiniConf commissioned the project, we immediately and enthusiastically accepted the challenge, but we were concerned about finding a tool that could handle developing complex e-commerce GUIs in addition to creating a back-end infrastructure capable of efficiently supporting hundreds of concurrent orders every day.

Marco Pancini
Project Manager for MiniConf

Based on its consistently positive experience creating previous projects with Instant Developer, InitZero decided to use this platform to create not only the infrastructure and back-office parts, but also the interface that B2B customers would use. The final product, izAPM, has expanded over several years to meet MiniConf's requirements. To date it includes:

  • Complete integration with the customer's enterprise management software, in order to optimize management of garment production and shipping to customers.
  • A Business Intelligence tool, called Sellout, which allows integration and analysis of sales to end customers.
  • A catalog, also accessible on Apple and Android tablets, designed to help MiniConf agents be more effective at making sales.

The entire project was developed by two programmers in just six months, which would have been unthinkable using any other development tool. This made it possible to deliver the solution within the customer's specified timeframe and costs. The results were surprising for MiniConf as well, which saw a 200% increase in sales and 300% more visits compared with the previous platform.

The satisfaction received three months after delivering the product, with a 200% increase in sales and 300% in visits over the previous platform, has made it worth all the work done to complete the application.

Massimiliano Sorcinelli
CEO, InitZero