InitZero helps Costanter S.p.A. significantly improve its warehouse management with CloudWMS

Costanter S.p.A. is a company working in the building management and maintenance sector. It started out in as a cleaning services company and then vertically integrated products related to cleaning and hospitality. Present in the market since 1971, Costanter's current focus has expanded beyond services into reselling of cleaning-related products and equipment.

In recent years, facing increased competition in the cleaning sector and weaker demand from many companies that now prefer to independently manage relationships with cleaning firms, Costanter has implemented a major reorganization intended to reduce costs. The company has pursued this goal by turning to InitZero to optimize its warehouse management.

Client initzero monitor

The customer's main needs were the following:

  • Manage, in a fast and functional way, a system containing an inventory of more than 1 million different products.
  • Manage the entire logistics process, from unloading of received goods to order management and shipping of outgoing products.
  • Achieve perfect integration between the new central warehouse management system, and the various types of radio terminals for managing loading/unloading of goods, each with its own proprietary communications protocol from the manufacturer.
  • Allow viewing goods in stock located at different satellite warehouses, making it possible to simultaneously manage movements by over 50 operators with radio terminals.
When you are working with complex and consolidated computer systems that have been in use for many years, project development must not only take into account the new system's improvements, but also design of a user experience that is “enhanced” rather than “radically transformed” to avoid rejection by the key users of the new system. This is the real challenge when innovating.

Marco Pancini
Project Manager, InitZero

Given the need to deal with fierce competition and to complete the project quickly and cost-effectively, it was essential to use a high productivity development environment capable of creating synchronization services and implementing simultaneous database access by many users, without causing slowdowns. Flexibility and speed was the reason InitZero chose Instant Developer.

The solution, developed in only three months by two programmers, has been so successful that it has evolved into a product called CloudWMS, currently installed by many other InitZero customers. At present, the CloudWMS product allows:

  • Information management throughout the sales cycle for stored goods: receipt and storage, order management, logistics, and shipping. The system can also be complemented by the “e-commerce B2B” module developed by InitZero, which allows integrated management of sales and logistics aspects of customers.
  • The management application can be accessed from anywhere, given the nature of the product, developed as a Rich Internet Application.

After several months of use, to date Costanter has had an 80% reduction in inventory transaction recording errors (the error rate fell from 3% to 0.5%), allowing more immediate traceability of discrepancies between recorded and actual inventory transactions, greatly reducing the risk of theft.

I don't know how to express my gratitude to Pro Gamma and to my friends that told me about Instant Developer. Instant Developer allows us to deliver projects that for many other software companies developing with more traditional tools would simply not be profitable.

Massimiliano Sorcinelli
CEO, InitZero