IL Simposio develops a system to effectively and flexibly manage insurance policies, allowing its clients to reduce management costs by 30%

IL Simposio is a software company that specializes in the development of enterprise applications. The company now has more than 150 enterprise large and medium-sized clients in the energy, insurance, and manufacturing industries.

G&G of Bollate (Milan), a large insurance agency in northern Italy, was one of the first purchasers of the LiveAgenzia software application. G&G needed to create an effective and streamlined enterprise application that would replace Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Money for controlling workflows related to management of policies.  

Client ilsimposio

Due to increased international competition and reduced business volumes in the industry, the agency wanted to avoid losing accounting control over its sub-agencies. In particular, the client had the following needs:

  • A comprehensive transaction management system that would make the task as coordinated as possible.
  • An intuitive graphical user interface that would minimize or possibly eliminate the learning curve for using the new system.
  • Access to the system through the web, to also support remote working.
  • A flexible system that would be adaptable to new forms of insurance not yet on the market, without having to modify the software.
  • A system capable of integration with mobile devices to facilitate management of policies by agents.

The client was in a hurry, because the current management systems had become considerably inadequate, and there was no time for the usual “on-paper analysis”. In fact, in some cases, the systems could not even share information, leaving only one PC usable for management of policies. To meet the demands of G&G, a next-generation enterprise application was needed, one that worked in the Cloud and was capable of communicating with the external management systems of large insurance companies.

Only IL Simposio, with its LiveAgenzia product, the state-of-the-art in the insurance industry, was capable of meeting the needs of this client without incurring prohibitive operational costs in doing so.

To complete the project quickly and economically, we had to have a tool that would allow developing in real time, so that ideas could be instantly transformed into working prototypes. We were always at the client's location, working “side by side”, because there was no dead time during development between analysis of business flows and creation of the prototype. I remember one day G&G CEO Paulo Gessaghi asked us if we had contracted a software factory in India that worked all night for us, because our prototypes were always ready the next day. We only told him our secret at the end: Instant Developer allows us to reduce our development time by a truly significant margin.

Emiliano Tosi, CEO, IL Simposio

That's why IL Simposio chose InDe to develop the management system, allowing it to offer a more comprehensive solution. Today, LiveAgenzia is based on a Cloud architecture and its licensing is organized around the SaaS model, so as to minimize the total cost of ownership by the client. To date, the LiveAgenzia offering includes:

  • Management of the entire insurance workflow: payment transactions, storage of policy data, splitting and renewing, advances and returns, allowing the agency full control.
  • A mobile offering for Windows, Apple, and Android devices.
  • Customization of interfaces and available data based on user profile.
  • An interface for analyzing portfolios, with the ability to export records to CSV, to increase flexibility and facilitate analysis outside the system.

After only 40 days of work by a single developer involved with the project, the benefits of LiveAgenzia were seen immediately: complete usability and complete monitoring of data by multiple concurrent users, the ability to make “informed” strategic choices using a portfolio analysis dashboard, and a series of important automatic validations of the completeness and correctness of data entered are just some of the improvements. Today G&G has reduced its administrative costs by more than 30%, allowing its staff to spend more time on relationships with customers and agents. This is in addition to the “informational”, strategic, and coordinative gains not directly measurable on the balance sheet, but with which G&G is very pleased.