Giemme Informatica provides mobile access to enterprise data increasing the productivity of the sales departments of its enterprise clients

Trusted by more than 150 clients, mainly SMEs in Northwest Italy, Giemme provides professional and efficient service, as well as continuous technological upgrading. Giemme specializes in development and customization of enterprise solutions in addition to sales and installation of hardware and software.

Giemme Informatica decided to develop a software application capable of providing completely mobile access to enterprise data, for business management and for the sales staff network.

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Our client Granda Zootecnici Srl chose Giemme to address the following complex issues:

  • Having access to CRM, accounts due, sales documents, price lists, brochures, catalogs, inventories, shared calendar, etc. with data updated in real time for a client base exceeding 2000 in number
  • A sales network across the whole country, consisting of more than 25 units, with the need for optimal client service, speeding up the processes of quoting and receiving orders
  • Entrusting to an external telemarketing company the management of the shared calendar by interacting with the company in real time regarding the contacts acquired

Without the development of a mobile solution, Giemme would not have been able to provide a comprehensive response to the needs of SMEs, particularly those of Granda Zootecnici Srl, a leader in the production and distribution of products related to livestock. The SmartSuite solution also allows real-time mobile interaction with the enterprise management platform, with a unique user profile.

Giemme decided to use Instant Developer to develop SmartSuite because, after evaluating other solutions, it concluded that it was the right tool to meet the technological challenges that a smaller company like Giemme faces.

SmartSuite comprises different management areas:

  • CRM for current and potential clients
  • Shared calendars, future actions
  • Commercial analysis
  • Geomarketing
  • Catalogs, galleries, and sales documents for products
  • Receiving offers for customer orders
  • Integrated document archiving
  • Analysis of customer receivables
  • Analysis of progress and final balance of orders
  • Collection of order data
  • Service and after-sales (contracts and interventions / client tickets)

It only took a single programmer a little over 40 days of work to create the first production version of SmartSuite, providing a functional solution compatible with both iOS and Android devices, freeing Granda Zootecnici from the vertical choice of a particular brand.

Thanks to SmartSuite, Granda Zootecnici has seen a 90% reduction in paper documentation and paper-based calendars (or non-connected ones), which are impossible to share. It has also enjoyed a 15% reduction in errors related to the quantities and prices of orders and quotes.

Without Instant Developer we could not have created a professional solution in such a short time, compatible with any mobile device on the market. Our strength is keeping pace with technology, providing an appropriate response to market demands.

Gianfranco Marsengo, Owner, Giemme Informatica