Giemme Informatica creates Italy's first mobile-first enterprise management system, designed for managing Italian SMEs that are always on the go

Giemme Informatica is a software company with over 150 SME customers that has made cutting-edge technology its way of life. Investing a sizable part of its yearly profits in research and development, in 2013 Giemme Informatica decided to develop a mobile-first enterprise management system, in other words, a system designed from the start with a focus on mobile tablets and smartphone devices.

According to Giemme Informatica CEO Gianfranco Marsengo, “We wanted to get a competitive jump of a few years on other software companies. Obviously this creates technological challenges that are not always familiar to our colleagues, making development more complicated, but this approach has always paid dividends. We believe that mobile technologies are ready to be applied to the enterprise segment, so we decided to develop Italy's first mobile-first management application, designed to be used on tablets, which I must say was a big challenge.”

After the company tried and ruled out almost all development environments that might be used to manage a project this complex, Instant Developer proved to be the one tool with all the necessary requirements. In just four man-months of work, Giemme had already developed the main modules of its SmartSuite application. For Granda Zootecnici, an important customer of Giemme in the Agribusiness sector, SmartSuite has been a true revolution, as it has significantly optimized the commercial management of its sales managers and has improved the competitivity of just-in-time orders with a new dynamic pricing system.

The need for a 100% mobile product

Giemme had long been seeing an evolution in its customers' requirements for development and updating of their IT solutions. On one hand, customers were requiring new systems with greater customization of commands and interfaces, increasingly geared toward the user experience of each user role. And on the other hand, there was a growing demand for applications that would allow decision-making processes even when outside the office.

Given the growing demand by its customers for customization and updating of existing systems, Giemme had a continuously increasing need to minimize the times and costs involved in modifying these applications, in order to concentrate its efforts on application development for new customers, a more profitable activity.

As Gianfranco Marsengo explains, “it was immediately clear that we needed to create a new product designed to be used on mobile devices. The problem, however, was how to cram into a 7-inch screen the 30 features that an average user absolutely wants to see, even though 85% of the time only 4 or 5 of them will be used. We had to design an application capable of launching the right options at the right time, and we couldn't take cues from anyone else, because we were the first to go down this road.”

An IDE designed for those who want to be first

Once its goal was clear, Giemme immediately started searching for a development environment capable of creating the new mobile enterprise app. Developing the application in a specific programming language would have been too costly and tied to a specific technology, so Giemme was looking for an IDE capable of creating applications that run on all the main mobile platforms: Android, iOS, and Windows.

According to Giemme CTO Davide Rosso, “after spending several months testing various development environments, we became discouraged, because we had not found any IDE that was capable of managing projects as ambitious as ours.”

He adds, “it was a true joy to discover Instant Developer. When I saw that it not only allows developing complex applications like ours, but it also has truly cutting-edge functions like voice recognition and text-to-speech, we decided to make up for the year lost on testing and hire two new developers.”

The secret of high-performance

The two developers involved in the project, one senior and one junior, became immediately familiar with Instant Developer and in less than 4 months developed the SmartSuite modules for document archiving, CRM, and order management. Instant Developer helped to speed up the project so much that Giemme was able to make up for the 10 months spent unsuccessfully testing other IDEs.

As Davide Geraci, Senior Developer at Giemme, explains, “we were amazed at Instant Developer's approach to programming, because it takes care of all the repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on the core code of the app. Where you normally would need 2000 lines of code, with InDe you need less than's very rewarding, because you only have to focus on the most interesting parts of the program.”

A multi-platform language

Instant Developer has not only allowed Giemme to minimize the lines of code written, but since the IDE handles translation of the InDe code into the language recognized by the device, the two new developers were able to start writing the applications immediately, without having to learn a single line of JavaScript, Objective-C, or C#.

As Mattia Gazzara, Junior Developer at Giemme, tells it: “I left my university with the notion that to work in IT, I would have to keep studying each new language throughout my career. I think it would be very disheartening to be 50 years old and be forced to ‘study’ just to do your work. And it only gets worse, because the average life cycle of a programming language is getting shorter...once you get to know a language well it's already old. It was quite liberating to find out that you simply have to know the language used by Instant Developer to develop any type of application, both Web and Mobile.”

With Instant Developer, Giemme was able to manage all phases of the application's development, from prototyping to on-device testing of the app. Davide adds, “it's very useful to have an IDE that follows you through all phases up to deployment of apps using Caravel, an application container that allows you to test applications directly on the device, without having to publish it on the app stores first.”

A very fruitful partnership

Although Giemme has only sold SmartSuite for a few months, any concerns about whether the product would be well received were immediately put to rest. In fact, to date SmartSuite has already been installed by 10 small and medium-sized companies. The enthusiasm for SmartSuite has been such that some customers have become its biggest promoters.

As Granda Zootecnici CEO Alessandro Giletta explains, “for a completely ‘customer oriented’ business model like ours, where each order must be customized to meet the customer's needs, the ability to control all variables through real-time “tracking” of orders on mobile devices allows us to perform back office tasks and customer relations work simultaneously, with complete freedom, allowing us to work from any place as if we were in the office. It's still early to talk about financial impact, but I estimate that SmartSuite will allow our sales team to serve 20% more customers.”

Strength in numbers

In addition to completing the three training courses offered by Pro Gamma, Giemme immediately joined the Instant Developer online community, sharing solutions and questions with the other developers on the forum.

Mattia Gazzara comments, “although we've been able to solve most of our problems using InDe's debug console, any remaining questions have been resolved by the forum, where we've always received a response within a day. Even though the community only has a few thousand members, its users are generally much more active than those in larger communities like Microsoft. It's great!”

When more complex problems have arisen, Giemme has benefited from the technical support and consulting services offered by Pro Gamma.

Mattia continues, “as new as the product was to us, we had little need for technical support or consulting. The few times that we did need it, however, were surprisingly effective: you reserve a slot, make contact, and through Team Viewer receive practical assistance, as if the Pro Gamma consultants were there next to you.”

Pro Gamma is proud to have helped Giemme create one of Italy's first mobile-first enterprise management systems. 

Alessandro Giletta, CEO, Granda Zootecnici

About Giemme Informatica

Giemme Informatica is a software company with over 150 SME customers that has made cutting-edge technology its way of life. With a diverse team of experts, Giemme works with both hardware systems/networks and software, developing web applications in C# and Java. In addition to SmartSuite, Giemme has developed its own web-based enterprise app used by over 50 companies, composed of various modules that can be easily integrated with one another and with external systems.

To date SmartSuite consists of the following modules:

  • Analytics (Business Intelligence, management control)
  • Administration (Billing, customer analytics)
  • Sales (shared calendars, CRM, telemarketing, sales, and direct selling)
  • Management of catalogs and galleries
  • Inventory management
  • Supplier management
  • Management of orders for on-site activities
  • Management of technical support/services and interventions
  • Georeferencing
  • Electronic document management

You can contact Giemme Informatica directly or see its solutions directly on its website

and soon on the various stores for Android devices and on the Apple Store.


Sector: Agribusiness
Department: Sales
Customer benefits: 20% more customers managed
Development time: 40 days for the first release
Technology: 100% Instant Developer
Mobile application: iOS and Android
Database: SQL Server 2012
Alternatives rejected: Native development systems