FPBS solves the problem of managing commissions and partnership agreements for insurance companies

FPBS was established in 2011, bringing together the multiple years of experience and the expertise of its founders in the field of information technology, with particular in-depth knowledge of functional issues related to the insurance industry.

The needs of the client, which prompted it to turn to FPBS, involved creation of an information system that would facilitate management of existing relationships between insurance companies and the sales network.  

Client fpbs

In particular, the client had to:

  • Streamline and allow flexible and simplified management of relationships with its commercial partners
  • Have a system capable of supporting the continuous need for solutions allowing complex ways of recognizing commission fees
  • Use a single system to manage the different fee structures, through introduction of a subsystem that would not be disruptive to legacy systems
  • Manage reconciliation, control, and distribution of account statements rapidly and effectively

The challenge was particularly difficult, as it involved reconciling the peculiarities of processes related to both traditional forms and B2B relationships, going beyond the traditional ways of recognizing commissions and offering alternative and supplementary forms, such as management of promotions, assigning points or vouchers, of course in addition to managing bonuses.

FPBS said it decided to use Instant Developer to complete the project based on very positive experiences in previous projects. The choice proved to be particularly effective in addressing the frequent task of refactoring during the project, in addition to allowing development of a solution capable of working with large amounts of data and processing it quickly.

The result of this ambitious project, developed in less than 3 man-months of work, is what FPBS used to release a product called WIn-Comm. To date, the product allows its users to:

  • Query reference data for producers and agreements
  • Define the rules and factors used to calculate commissions and other forms of recognition (bonuses, incentives, discount vouchers, etc.)
  • Manage incentive and promotional campaigns related to partnerships (e.g., vouchers, points, etc.)
  • Use dedicated interfaces for viewing commission account statements

Through WIn-Comm, the client currently manages more than 300 agreements with approximately 100 partners, with an average monthly volume of premiums under management of € 20 million. The new system also allowed a radical transformation of business processes, moving from a situation involving a lot of manual intervention and individual computing tools (e.g. MS Excel spreadsheets), to a centralized, structured and controlled management system, with a 50% reduction in processing times and number of resources involved, in addition to greater flexibility and security in managing data.

Without Instant Developer we could not havedeveloped such a complex system with such low costs and in such a short time, and we would not even have been able to bid on many of the contracts that currently make up our business.

Massimo Bruatto, CEO, FPBS