Evin brings order taking to tablets, automating the entire logistics flow

Evin Srl is a software company that for more than 20 years has been building information systems to solve specific problems using the most innovative programming tools available on the market.

The challenge facing Evin and one of its clients (GELDI S.p.A.) specializing in the Salesforce Management field was to implement a software application, mainly designed for mobile devices, to support the work of its sales agents. Evin had to develop a system that would allow managing a high volume of data traffic, with significant system complexity: 35 officers, 6000 customers, 150,000 sales orders, 5000 items in the catalog, 30,000 custom list prices. 

Client evin

But it also had to meet significant operational needs such as:

  • Access to the system database by the agents even in the absence of Internet access, with data that is continuously updated.
  • Real-time synchronization of data with the central database when an Internet connection is available.
  • Implementation of complex algorithms to optimize withdrawal and routing of products to be delivered, and automation of the entire logistics flow based on timeframes and geographic routes.

Evin, which had broad consulting skills but until then had never worked on a project that was entirely mobile with such large volumes and complexity, ran the risk of developing a system so complex that it would “crash” mobile devices with limited specific hardware resources.

The project was extremely ambitious, and it was also an "excuse" to develop a truly competitive product using a mobile first strategy, one of the first Italian products designed primarily for mobile devices. It was worth the risk to undertake a project of this magnitude, because we knew that the evolution of IT would soon move in that direction.

Giancarlo Di Ridolfo, CTO, Evin

After careful market research, Evin chose Instant Developer as a development platform due to the IDE's ability to develop cross-platform hybrid applications and to easily manage creation and synchronization of a local MySQL Light database with a back-end server in the cloud.

The solution, developed in just 60 days by a single programmer, currently has the following characteristics:

  • It is based on a cloud infrastructure that can be integrated with various enterprise applications for exchange of data.
  • The mobile offline application works on iOS, Android, and Windows RT tablets and allows agents to simply and intuitively enter their orders in accordance with the sales conditions imposed by the central office.
  • The synchronization server enables real-time exchange of data between the device database and the central database.
Today, too many enterprise applications are characterized by a lack of flexibility or require technical skills beyond those of end users. That's why we chose Instant Developer as the standard for development of our applications. The software we create with Instant Developer allows our end users to get to work immediately and to benefit from the solutions developed.

Massimo Di Eugenio, CEO, Evin

By using iDrink, the client has managed to reduce its hardware maintenance costs related to devices used by agents and was able to provide real-time updating of the information necessary for its sales process.