Deasoft revolutionizes sales management for its customers with an “active” CRM system capable of leading prospects along the entire path to purchase

Deasoft is an Italian software company specializing in consulting and installation of solutions for Business Intelligence, HR, CRM, and Sales Force Automation. Despite the company's small size, its clients immediately recognize the expertise of its consultants in the sales and marketing field. Deasoft's mission goes beyond management and optimization of processes, to creating real added value for customers.

The company's need to manage relationships with its customers led it to develop solutions for its own internal use. To that end, during times of reduced workloads, Deasoft's developers analyzed all the most innovative CRM tools currently on the market, and then began development of the new product.

Client deasoft

The analysis also involved partnering with other companies to identify the negative aspects of traditional CRM systems that needed to be overcome:

  • A problem with traditional CRM tools is “passive” management of relationships with potential customers, where the system is merely used to update the status of the sales process. The main shortcoming of a “passive” system is its inability to become “active”, in other words, to proactively support sales as far as which prospects to contact and when.
  • A traditional CRM system aims to ensure flexibility when managing the customer toward sales, while a CRM that recommends the “best” direction in which to guide the customer would frequently result in new sales.
  • A traditional CRM system often contains a repository of data, almost impossible to extract and transform into useful information for improving business activities.
  • The inability to access and modify this data when out of the office or when there is no mobile Internet connection.

The risk was investing time in creating a product that did not truly respond to the needs identified during the analysis. And this was a real possibility given that there was no product on the market like the one envisioned, despite the many investments made by large players like or SAP.

In addition to high productivity, Instant Developer has allowed us to win many contracts with excellent margins, and in this case what really impressed me about InDe was the speed with which we took a web application and, in just a few weeks, developed an invaluable mobile app for managing customers even from mobile devices.  

Paolo Manzoni, CEO, Deasoft

The fact that in just five months more than 30 companies have adopted Ideal CRM reflects the quality of the product, which has met the challenges of the market. The main features of Ideal CRM are:

  • The ability to manage the sales flow from pre-sales to post-purchase upselling, integrating the sales cycle with invoicing and payments.
  • A powerful business intelligence engine, with the ability to download data to Excel and perform customized analysis.
  • Integration of the CRM system with your email server, and with Google Calendar and Google Maps.
  • Managing automated email campaigns.

The product, developed in less than three man-months, has provided enormous benefits to customers that have adopted it. In fact, the time “wasted” on administrative and technological management of sales contacts was reduced an average 26%, not to mention the increased quality of customer information entered in the CRM system, which is hard to measure but is crucial to shortening the sales cycle.