DeaSoft simplifies management of events and sponsorships by developing an innovative web application with ERP

Deasoft is an Italian software company specializing in consulting and in the installation of solutions for Business Intelligence, HR, CRM and Sales Force Automation. Despite being a small company, its clients immediately recognize the expertise of its consultants in the sales and marketing field. In fact, beyond management and optimization of processes, Deasoft's mission is to create real added value for its enterprise clients.

In 2008 Deasoft acquired Gadagroup as a client. The company operates in sales, marketing, and distribution of medical devices and is a key player both within Italy and internationally.

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After our initial contact, we were rather surprised at the nature of their request: they asked us to create a centralized system for booking flights, hotels, restaurants, and event participation for all their agents and customers, also requesting that the bookings be shared among the agents themselves and the rest of the organization. They were not just asking for a software application, but a solution to a very complex problem.

Paolo Manzoni, CEO, Deasoft

The size of the project was important, and the possibilities for optimization were great:

  • More than 3500 bookings to be managed each year.
  • Allowing agents outside the office to perform actions on bookings made by colleagues at the home office.
  • Enabling validation and management of bookings through mobile devices.
  • Enabling communication with the enterprise management system (IBM AS400) to allow comparison of the ROI of each product line with sponsorship and event participation.

A solution was needed that, starting from the state of the art, could provide a significant improvement in managing bookings. The challenge was to design effective booking management logic even before determining the best way to turn it into a functional and performing software application.

It was the need to be able to use specific prototypes to test different booking methods, and to modify them quickly, which led us to choose Instant Developer.

Paolo Manzoni, CEO, Deasoft

After 3 man-months of work, the solution devised had grown into a web application accessible from any Internet-connected device, all the while professional, economical to build, and pleasant to use. In its final version, the new software now allows:

  • Displaying only the relevant information for a particular agent. This configurable interface has been designed for agents and all professionals who spend most of their time traveling around their region, always on the go and with little time to devote to querying and entering data.
  • Sending summary mail/notifications as the status of bookings progresses and when the more significant data changes.
  • Monitoring the budget and managing reservations via a dedicated back-end interface.
In just four days the Deasoft team had already figured out how to design the system, and in less than 30 days the first beta system was ready. I had never seen people so fast and so sharp in analyzing processes.

Michele C., Project Manager, Gadagroup

The project lasted a total of 3 months, and the client has asked Deasoft to remain active, implementing new features required later. To date, the busy events office has dramatically shortened the time and cost of booking for each single transaction, saving on flights and hotels and increasing the satisfaction of agents, who can now effectively “choose” their preferred arrangements. Although exact metrics on the results have yet to be produced, the client estimates savings of over 15% of the total cost of bookings and event management.