Bookmark creates Active Trees, a complete system for managing complex organizations

Bookmark is an IT consulting company with broad experience in organizational management and human resources management: from recruitment to skills development. As a testament to its quality, Bookmark serves a significant customer base with more than 20 large companies in the banking, industrial, insurance, and utility sectors.

One of its customers is a leading company in the multi-utility sector that needed a system for administration and personnel management. It turned to Bookmark to meet its needs, which other Italian software companies could not adequately satisfy. 

Client bkm screengrab

The customer's main needs were:

  • A solution flexible enough to integrate old data management systems, optimizing redundancy management and allowing conversion to a new single system without interrupting daily operations.
  • Improved efficiency of daily data management and querying tasks, minimizing user wait times.
  • A solution easily adaptable to different types of infrastructures and servers, in case the infrastructure needs to be replaced or expanded.
  • Fluidly manage a system with more than 45 different user roles, in different languages.

Once Bookmark took on this task, it had to find a development system that would make the project economically feasible, but at the same time could effectively meet the customer's needs. After comparing the available technology solutions in the market, Bookmark chose Instant Developer. The platform offers a variety of advantages: rapid prototyping, short development and maintenance times, the ability to stay in step with new technologies (databases, browsers, operating systems), a powerful user profile management engine (the Runtime Configurator, or RTC), and the ability to manage multiple languages.

The product developed by Bookmark, called Active Trees, was later expanded to other contexts, and can currently be used to manage:

  • Strategic planning and control
  • Processes and workflows
  • Change management and organization
  • Projects and accounting of orders
  • Compliance, audit, management systems, controls and risks
  • CRM contacts, opportunities, campaigns, and tickets
  • Sustainability reporting and stakeholder engagement
  • Workplace safety and health surveillance
  • Human resources development: selection, goals, evaluation, incentives, career development, skills development, training, e-learning.

The first phase of the project was completed in just three man-months of work, successfully meeting all the customer's deadlines, cost constraints, and complexity requirements. The final project, with over 1300 tables and around the same number of functions between screens, reports, and procedures (a project of over 200 MB), currently manages more than 1000 users with 45 RTC user roles, divided into 15 companies, with over 12,000 employees continuously accessing a database of over 30 GB. A few months after installing the new system, the customer was very pleased with the results obtained from Active Trees, which allowed a 30% savings in IT costs and led to additional, albeit not directly measurable, improvements in work quality.

If we had not been faced with such a challenging project, we would never have discovered Instant Developer. In fact, we're grateful to our customers, because Instant Developer has revolutionized the way we develop software. Now we can very rapidly satisfy the specific needs of customers with a prototyping approach to development. Also, the systems we develop are easily maintainable, updated as technology evolves, with quick response times.

Luigi Zirpoli, CEO, Bookmark