Albalog develops ExtraERP, a complete latest-generation management platform for mobile use through browsers and mobile Web apps

Albalog is an Italian software house specializing in the design and creation of management software solutions. Thanks to its twenty years of experience in the sector and its extensive collaboration with leading international brands, Albalog has recently completed development of a new, entirely web-based management system called ExtraERP, with many of its functions designed to be used through smartphones and tablets.

Client albalog extraerp

The main market requirements that led to the realization of this new system were the following:

  • The growing need from top management in client companies to have access to company data and be able to make decisions even when out of the office, accessing the system by tablet or smartphone.
  • The need shared increasingly by small- and medium-sized companies to have a new SaaS offer installed in the cloud to minimize the expense of managing the system.
  • The demand for increasingly intuitive management products in order to minimize investments in training and the risk of rejection by key users.
  • The need that dealer-partners have to sell a management tool that can be adapted quickly to the specific needs of the client, thereby minimizing the need for external software produced by third parties.

On the strength of its experience, Albalog decided to work on developing new management software that could meet these needs.

As things stand, had we not had the support of a tool like Instant Developer, developing a new ERP would have been unthinkable. In addition to how quickly you can program with it - many times faster than traditional development environments - a huge advantage of Instant Developer is its compatibility with applications developed with all four of the top browsers on the market, in addition to the fact that you only need to write the business logics once for both web and for mobile!

Maurizio Cherubini
CEO, Albalog

ExtraERP, developed in just 4 man-years, went into production a few months ago in the Albalog pilot partners. The system continues to evolve, and currently offers the following modules:

  • Routine accounting, payment schedules, assets and liabilities cycle, warehouse.
  • CRM for managing the business area even when on the go.
  • Service, post-sales management, tickets and help desk, maintenance and/or management contracts.
  • Document management
  • Report Manager and Business Intelligence
  • BPM (Business Process Management)
  • E-commerce module (b2b and b2c)
  • System Integration
  • SatWeb Portal, remote management and telemetry for printing devices

The recent introduction of ExtraERP has not yet made possible an exact calculation at the customer's location of the economic benefits of using the system, but it was still very well received, as shown by the more than 30 companies that have already completed the process of adopting the application.

I realized that two years ago we had clearly understood how the management software market would evolve, and the growing speed at which potential new partners request demos of our system confirms to me that the words Web, Cloud and Mobile are what many small companies are looking for. We'll see what happens, but for now I can only be grateful to Instant Developer, because without it we wouldn't have such an abundant offer and wouldn't have stepped out in front of the competition!

Davide Fallani
Direttore Commerciale, Albalog