Albalog develops the first Italian web software for telemetry and remote management of printing devices

Albalog is a company that specializes in designing and creating management software solutions. Since the beginning, independent software development has proven to be the winning strategy in the Italian business context, where every company has its own way of operating.

In response to requests from some of its clients, Albalog developed a new application to complement its Extra Service suite (the Albalog management solution for companies that provide support in the copying/IT sector). The top requirements asked of the new application concerned the option to remotely monitor all-in-ones/printers installed on end clients.

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In particular, the software needed to:

  • Allow for real-time monitoring of all installed devices, so that steps can be taken promptly and preemptively when problems occur or while performing maintenance.
  • Make it possible to automate the accounting and invoicing of copies produced.
  • Enable monitoring not only of its own printers installed at end users, but also those of the competition.

The leading factor in the success of such an innovative and ambitious project was tied to how easily the various types of printers could be connected to the application: if connecting new devices were to prove too expensive, no one would adopt the software. This was hardly a trivial challenge.

It was a compelling project; I was confident that we had the expertise in-house to develop an application of that kind. I remember that the real issue was choosing a development environment that would allow us to easily manage a connection with thousands of different devices, and also to collect and process data over the web. But we also needed an option that would not require lengthy development times that would have compromised the economic feasibility of the project.

Maurizio Cherubini
CEO, Albalog

After a thorough software vetting process, Albalog selected Instant Developer because it was the only product that could guarantee true savings in both time and money in the design and creation of the software, while also guaranteeing an advanced level of stability and performance for its applications.

Especially for those of us who sell products, being able to develop both web and mobile applications 'technology-independently' is a great advantage: with just a few clicks, the web solutions developed with Instant Developer can be distributed in Java or .Net technology, and on Android, iOS, and Windows for mobile.

Davide Fallani
Sales Director, Albalog

Thanks to Instant Developer and the expertise at Albalog, the first version of the application was ready in just four man-months. Today, SatWeb Portal has become the leading benchmark Italian product in the telemetry sector, used by over 200 dealers, 100% in cloud mode, with SaaS billing.

Currently there are approximately 45,000 devices connected to SatWeb that are monitored daily, and each day the software handles over 3,500 alerts. In addition to the initial data gathering module, there are also other functionalities available for SatWeb Portal, including:

  • “Consumables” Module: reading of remaining toner levels, toner replenishment date prediction, complete consumption and toner coverage % statistics, and toner replacement log.
  • “Alert” Module: service that receives and manages in real time alerts originating from the machine pool reporting low toner levels and machine malfunctions.
  • “Front-end client” Module: an added-value service for end users that allows them to view the readings taken automatically by the system, review production statistics for their machines, and request support through a simple, guided procedure. Today, this module is also available on mobile (tablet/smartphone).

Thanks to the use of SatWeb Portal, many clients have been able to reduce maintenance costs related to printing devices by 20% and cut costs in end-user consumable stock warehouses by 40%, ensuring a return on investment in less than three years.

We've been so satisfied with Instant Developer that we decided to migrate all our Extra management software to the web. In June 2015, we'll release the modules for standard and VAT accounting, the asset/liability cycle, payment schedules and cash account, CRM, and the documents and Service module, to handle technical and contract management support tickets.

Maurizio Cherubini
CEO, Albalog