01S makes completing the most common Italian tax form more intuitive, reducing training times for staff at tax preparation centers

01S Community Company specializes in developing innovative software solutions related to taxation and document management.

In 2013, in response to the need by some of its customers to further simplify completion of tax form 730, used by millions of Italian taxpayers to file their annual income tax returns, 01S decided to reinvent the product.

Client 01s

Its customers, both organizations and professionals, had the following requirements, which were not being met by any existing product in the market:

  • An intuitive product capable of significantly reducing training times for proper use by seasonal tax preparers.
  • A flexible product when it comes to data entry, but at the same time capable of providing a usage standard that can be replicated for customers with multiple organizational locations.
  • A product capable of minimizing timeframes for collecting front-office data, therefore one capable of minimizing any uncertainties on the part of users when entering data in the system.

To create a system with these features, 01S had to complement its expertise with a development environment that was not only capable of managing synchronization of large amounts of data, but also flexible enough to create a user-friendly graphical interface.

Instant Developer provides the flexibility we need on a daily basis. In this project we were able to develop a new interface on top of a complex architecture, with reduced time and costs, creating a product that, in addition to working properly, has a graphical interface that is attractive for end users.

Roberto Battistelli, CTO, 01S

The main innovations in the new version of the product, used in the 2014 tax season to complete over 60,000 returns, relate to improvement of the user experience. These improvements included the following:

Entry of information directly in a virtual form, an exact copy of the original form, making it easier for users already familiar with completing the form on paper.

A toolbar available to the user during all steps after the initial data entry screen.

The ability to print returns with an integrated application function, without having to use any external tools.

Unified saving of data with a single operation, without the need to save each individual screen.

With the new user interface, which took less than four man-months to design and develop, many customers have been able to reduce the time it takes to complete a single return by 30%, leading to a significant increase in operating margin.