1. Instant Developer is a high-productivity multi-channel application development platform made by Pro Gamma S.p.A, a tech company specialized in software engineering.

    What are the problems that people working in software development consider most troublesome? Andrea Maioli, CEO and co-founder, explains how this question led to the birth of Pro Gamma: 

  2. Late 80s
    In the late '80s, before starting to work first as a developer and then as an IT project manager, I could see in the traditional way of writing code severe limitations on my creativity. And the time it took to get the results I wanted was always longer than what I thought could be considered acceptable.
  3. The 90s
    The speed of IT evolution increased exponentially in the ‘90s. You had to do everything possible in order not to be left behind, and that often meant compromising on quality. If a programming language did not satisfy a particular purpose completely, often a new one was created. Alternatively, the capabilities of existing languages and platforms was increasingly expanded, but that had the side effect of those languages becoming messy and difficult to work with.
  4. During the 90s
    It was in the ‘90s that my passion for IT became a profession and I experienced these problems firsthand. As a developer I realized that my know-how was never enough, I always had to keep up-to-date, and this became increasingly difficult because it made me less productive. The negative impact of this IT trend on all stakeholders was confirmed when I became responsible for managing projects; controlling the code and meeting deadlines and budgets just became more and more complex.
  5. 1999

    Andrea, with some of his friends, decided to take a road that would allow to find an answer to these problems, and in 1999 he founded Pro Gamma, creating the first prototype of the development platform that would become Instant Developer.

  6. 2000 - Today

    In a short time the idea became a company that started growing rapidly, and Instant Developer grew with it, designed to allow those who use it not only to manage the more complex aspects of IT evolution, but to use them to their advantage.

  7. Future
    The problems that trouble those who work in software development are not new, they have been the same for a couple of decades, but as technology expands and evolution speeds up, they are ever greater.
    Pro Gamma and Instant Developer were born to address these problems, and we consider the successes of those who rely on us to be our success.
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Andrea Maioli, CEO